Body Shape Guide

Many of us may know our body shape but generally, it can be a little confusing as to know what suits us and our body type.  Most of the time we see something in the store, try it on and wonder why it doesn't look as good as it did our friend.  So keeping this in mind we thought we would help you girls find the best way to navigate through this. 

As we hit our 40's though we all tend to put weight on through our tummy.  Hopefully, our guide with has you stepping out feeling more confident and stylish.

LET'S  START WITH WHAT BODY TYPE YOU ARE: Once you work out what fits your body shape, click to further find out loads of more information on how to dress for your shape. We try to define the  5 Main Body types. The Hourglass, The Column, The Pear, The Apple and the Strawberry.  See below to check what style you are.

 THE HOURGLASS                   

Hourglass I Bella Bodies

 You are an Hourglass body shape.

1. Your hip and bust are basically the same size with a much smaller waist in ratio to both hips and bust. Generally, you have a difference of waist to hip ratio by anywhere from 8 to 11 inches in width. For example, your waist might be 31 inches and your hips are 41 inches

2. You have gently rounded shoulders that align with your hips.   

3. You generally have a rounded bottom

4. You tend to gain weight on the  bottom and legs 

4. Your best asset is you are very curvy. Lucky you

How to  dress your body shape 

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Column Shape I Bella Bodies


You are a column body shape

1. Your bust and hips are similar in width

2.  You have little waist definition and you tend to have a difference of no more than 7 inches between hip and waist. For example you have waist of 32 inches and hips of 38 inches

3. Your bottom tends to be more flat than rounded

4. You tend to gain weight through the middle

5. Your best asset is you legs that tend to be slimmish

How to dress your body shape 

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  Apple Shape I Bella Bodies


You are an apple body type

1. You tend to have a large bust, slim hips and hold weight around your middle. Generally you do not have much difference between your hips and waist. Your hips might be 40 inches and your waist 36 inches

2. You tend to gain weight in your tummy, back and upper body.

3. Your waist is undefined and tends to be the widest part of your body.

4. Your bottom is more flat than rounded.

5. Your best asset is your slim hips and legs

How to dress your body shape

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Pear Shape I Bella Bodies


You are a pear body shape

1. Your hips are larger than your bust

2. You have a lovely defined waist and generally, have a good 9 to 12 inches in difference between your waist and hips. Being your waist is far smaller

3.  You have a slim elegant neck with small shoulders

4. You tend to gain weight in your bottom and legs

5. Your best assets are you slim waist definition and rounded bottom

How to dress your body shape

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  Strawberry Shape I Bella Bodies


You are a strawberry Body Shape

1. You are larger in proportion on top than the bottom.

2.  You have broad shoulders, ample bust and a wide back.

3. You have slim hips.

4. Your waist is not well defined and you tend to gain weight here first although when you were younger you may have had good waist definition.

5. Your bottom tends to be flatter than rounded.

6. Your best assets are your slim hips and legs.

How to dress your body shape

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