Fashion tips for Apple Body Shapes


You beautiful apple shapes tend to have a large bust, full midsection and narrow hips and excellent legs with not such a huge waist definition. What we need to achieve is minimise the bust and midsection whilst elongating the neck and torso. We also need to optically create a smaller waist. You have slimmish legs and tend to put weight on your midsection We suggest the Bodysuit to really create those curves

Do's and Dont's for Apple Body Shapes

The key to dressing an Apple body shape is to create curves and balance the top with the bottom. As you tend to be top heavy we have some tips and tricks to help

General Guide

  1. Plain not pattern or bold colours worn on the top are best for you as patterns tend to make you look larger.
  2. To lessen the bulk of the top half do not wear tops with lace, frills or cap sleeves as it will add extra bulk. V neck tops and dresses will optically take the eye to the centre, slimming the top half especially if you wear half or 3/4 sleeve.
  3. Belts are fine but not generally wide ones. 




Look for tops that will accentuate your waist and help balance your bust with your hips. Look for:

- Although we are trying to balance with the hips showing a bit of cleavage works great for you. Deep V or scoop neck tops work wonderfully. Stay away from wide round tops and tops that button under the neck

- Strapless can suit as long as top is dropped waist and/or flares at hip to balance upper body

  • 3/4 and half sleeves in a plain block colour is slimming for the top half.
  • Narrow V- necks
  • Wrap style tops
  • Dark coloured tops
  • Tailored shirts and jackets.  you can wear say a cropped jacket and put it on a shirt. this gives the illusion of a small waist and the shirt flares a little under the jacket to create more hips
  • Look for tops with narrow V or deep  scoop  necks  that nip in at waist and flare at hip
  • Deep V neck tops, shirts or jackets will slim you optically
  • Dropped waistline tops are perfect if they are drapey and a deep v-neck
  • Wear Longline Cardi's in a darker colour to slim the overlook look of your bust and shoulders





Being a strawberry you tend to have good legs and slimmer hips so you can get away with any type of bottoms except high waisted. Look for bottoms though that can add curves to your lower half to help create the hourglass effect.

  • Cargo or safari pants with pronounced read pockets look great on you
  • Slightly flared legs along with wide-leg pants add curve and look amazing. Make sure the waist and tummy bands are fairly flat and not ruffled as you do not need to add bulk to this area.
  • Feel free to wear jeans or pants with embellished and or flap pockets that will add curves to your lower half.
  • A-line skirts will fill out your slim hips and Pencil skirts look fantastic on your legs so make sure you wear them!
  • If wearing a floaty top, tie at the side just above the legs to show off your legs.
  • Maxi dresses with the long length will elongate your body, make your legs look longer but opt for Deep V neck and half sleeves.  


Girls I am not a full believer in following too strict rules as for example something that looks great on a Pear shape may not be great for you but by utilising some of the above hints you can adapt pieces. For example, orange doesn't really suit my colouring but worn with black or navy i can get away with it. Wearing a beautiful kaftan can look fab on any shape. Being an apple I would make sure you belt it at either the waist or the hip (skinny belt) to create some shape.

So really just remember if you are trying to balance the top with the bottom make sure you don't wear big bold prints and always go for a Deep V neck or wear a long necklace that draws the eye into the middle.

Best wishes and have fun dressing for your shape,


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