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    Check out video of real Women trying Bella Bodies and Michels dishes the juice on Bella Bodies Wirefree Bras, Underwear, Shapewear and Leisurewear with BB LiveRead the Journal for extensive advice comparing different garments for you to see the side by side differences. Shop our Instagram and see the latest Special Offers. Enjoy browsing.

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    How to choose Shapewear, Briefs and Bras?

    If you're unsure what bra to choose, you can check out the Bra Guide to compare our bras side by side. See the differences at a glance. Also check our size guide viewable on the side of all bra products.

    We have everyday briefs and underwear dedicated to address different purposes. Check out our Underwear Guide, which is a guide to illustrate the key benefits of each underwear type. It's a starting point in making your choice.

    Have you taken a look at our Shapewear Guide, it's a quick aid to the defining differences across all our shapewear. For sizing advice, please check the product page description and sizing chart.

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