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    Whether you’ll be basking in the Summer sun or having frosty Winter fun, we have the underwear and garments to maximise your suitcase! Our quick-dry underwearwirefree bras  and smoothing camis that are designed for easy wash and dry quickly, mix and match, layer up or down, and give you all-day comfort, flexibility and support to look and feel your best!

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    Travel Intimates are lightweight and fast drying.

    Quick-dry, no-iron travel styles for holidays, exercise and when you want ultra-lightweight knickers, bras and camis. These are now an everyday staple as they are so comfy. Why save them for holidays?

    Absolutely! Designed to be super comfortable with no-dig in, they are perfect for long plane or car trips, but why not have the same level of comfort every day! Their quick dry nature makes for a quick wash and overnight dry whilst on holidays, but what a bonus on a Winter's day to have your washing dry quick!

    Just the fabric! The style and fit are the same, but the Bamboo Bra is made from bamboo yarn and the Travel Bra from quick dry polyamide yarn.

    The sizing and construction is exactly the same but the bamboo fabric is a tiny bit less stretchy than the travel fabric so some customers find the bamboo bra is a little firmer fitting.

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