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    Our sculpting shapewear shorts and super comfortable shaping leggings are designed for all day wear, visibly slimming and contouring tummies, hips and thighs. Bella Bodies shapewear is loved by real women because we create every piece with care. Enjoy shapewear shorts and firming leggings that won't dig in, ride up or down, and gives firm control and smoothing everywhere you want it. Shop Shapewear Leggings and Shorts now!

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    Woven panels to gently smooth and flatter

    Redefining Shapewear for today's woman who wants to look and 'feel' fabulous!

    Have you always wondered what it would be like to wear shapewear but never tried? We think you would be surprised how a little bit of gentle firming just where you need it will make you feel amazing.

    Add a little smoothing panel to your everyday tights or anti chafing shorts and feel fabulous and confident in your clothes. Or, for a little bit of 'Wow Factor' our silky soft sculpting shorts make any outfit shine.

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    Women's Sculpting Shapewear | Bella Bodies Australia

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