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Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable Choices End-to-End

As a business operating within the textile industry, one of the largest contributors to world pollution, we take ownership of our responsibility to be environmentally conscious with our Zero Waste policy. We’re constantly looking for alternative, eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives so our business leaves a smaller footprint on the planet.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable Choices

We strive to have minimal environmental impact throughout every part of our business operations. We aim for minimum environmental impact by a conscious choice of fabric and suppliers, cutting edge production processes that minimise product waste, choosing packaging that is compostable and creating a healthy work-life balance for staff. We use sustainably sourced bamboo, Tencel™ Modal and organic cotton to create our beautifully comfortable garments. We choose to only support ethical garment production factories with fair work policies and who utilise water-saving technology and zero pesticides with the following certifications to prove it:

Our Hero Packaging mailers are 100% biodegradable and home compostable. Your orders are shipped to you in Hero Packaging bags made with ground-breaking technology that decomposes in just 90-120 days. Goodbye plastic! Our individual garment bags are also home compostable so you can be assured your purchase is not contributing to plastic waste but your garment arrives protected. We use FSC certified Paper for our tags and none of our excess stock is ever sent to landfill and instead is given to non-profit organisations to help those who need them.

We source from sustainable and organic growers using water-saving technology and zero pesticides to create our beautifully comfortable bamboo viscose garments ("viscose" is any fibre created from wood pulp). Bamboo grows extremely fast with very little water and pesticides - a super eco-friendly fabric!  Fast growing and self-propagating bamboo is the perfect solution for a growing population. We use specialised Italian knitting machines that minimise product wastage and create exceptional quality and virtually seamless garments. Bamboo is incredibly soft, feels wonderful against the most sensitive of skin, is warm in winter and cool and breathable in summer. Bamboo knickers and bras are so soft and comfortable you won’t even know you're wearing them!

If you live near our Brookvale office you can drop any good quality used bras to us and we will forward them to Support the Girls Charity. Otherwise look at the Support The Girls Charity website for a drop off location close to you.

Absolutely! Modal is made from Beech trees which, like bamboo, are self propagating and require little water to grow. Tencel is the brand of Modal that we use from the Lenzing Company, known worldwide for their commitment to eco-friendly production.

Supporting & Empowering

Bella Bodies was founded by Michel Schumacher, a passionate mum of two, who believes underwear, shapewear and clothing should last and look gorgeous on ALL women. Our underwear, non wired bras and control shapewear feature carefully chosen performance-boosting touches such as double stitching and seamless straps, wider bands and extended leg and tummy cuts. Combine this with exceptional quality, long-lasting fabrics, and you can be absolutely confident your intimates will last and keep their shape – to enhance yours every day!

Support the Girls is a NFP organisation of volunteers who support and empower vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls to escape the cycle of poverty, violence and trauma. Bella Bodies regularly donates stock and are an official Support the Girls donation drop-off location. No stock is ever wasted, and so many of you wonderful women have helped too by donating your gently-loved bras.

Salvation Army who raise funds through their stores and assist Australians in time of financial hardship.

We’re an Australian owned and operated company on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, employing a team of local women who enjoy flexible working conditions, a healthy work-life balance, and who love looking after our customers and knowing we're playing our part to protect the environment! 

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