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Bella Bodies Australia is proud to support the Aussie charity "Support The Girls". The volunteers at Support the Girls provide basic supplies to women and girls who are vulnerable, disadvantaged, homeless, at risk and marginalised through poverty. These donations include bras, underwear and toiletries to enable them to live with dignity and a sense of self worth.  
We regularly donate new bras, underwear and clothing to women and girls facing hardships. The benefits of giving women dignity and comfort in tough times are immeasurable, and we're incredibly grateful to be able to provide this help.
When we receive feedback from Support the Girls about a Bra Gifting Event or Rural Outreach, every team member feels the incredible difference that Bella Bodies bra or knicker donations make and we’re humbled to be part of making a difference in the lives of women doing it tough across Australia. 
We get wonderful feedback from ladies, young girls and women of the Greater Lismore region on receiving our donation of new bras, camis and tops, since they’d lost everything in the devastating floods. They were so grateful to be. There were many tears, Ooh’s and Ahhh’s.

We're proudly an official collection point

You can help too! We're open for you to gift any gently loved bras. The best way to determine if your bra is in good enough condition to donate is if you would receive it and wear it then you can donate it.
Please note: We are a small warehouse and any donations more than a small bag should contact Support The Girls directly.

Moving moments

We love hearing some of the moving stories from the team at Support The Girls, we hope you enjoy them too!

An elderly lady who the Support the Girls team hadn’t been able to help last year, was fitted with a Bella Bodies Bra. She was so overcome with joy at having a bra on that fitted, was comfortable and caused no irritation
with no “itchy” fabric. 
Her words:
“Please tell Bella Bodies that they have made an old woman very happy and given me such comfort in what
little time I have left”.

Also supported were 7 shy schoolgirls whose families live on flood affected land. They all walked away with multiple sets of Bella Bodies bras. They were in heaven being able to get bras and loved the lime green ones.

Support the Girls also helped a lady who preferred bra free comfort, she also struggled with uncomfy underwear. After receiving several Bella Bodies bamboo bras and undies, she was so grateful and said,

“They have changed my life. Never did I imagine a plus size chook could get something like this. They are super comfortable, I am no longer embarrassed and best of all they wash and dry like a dream.
The lady is truly an angel for starting this organisation and who ever designed this product gets a big hug and
thumbs up from me. You have made this old chook one very happy, content woman and I can go out without embarrassment.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

There are 2 very special moments from a recent trip to Rural QLD, one where Support the Girls helped a mum find bras for her under 10 year old early bloomer. She asked “Is there anything you can do?”

We had the perfect thing. We put this little munchkin into a Bella Bodies size small bamboo bra (without the inserts). It was perfect; subtly disguising her “bust”. She left feeling not only supported and loved, but no longer withdrawn or anxious. We gave Mum 4 of them and this little girl walked out the dressing room with a smile from ear to ear and tears of happiness!
Then we had an elderly lady who is tiny. Literally a size 6. She weighs 40kg on a good day! We have never been able to fit her with a bra, until we tried her in the small size in Bella Bodies. Well, she was in tears!
She said: “Now I can actually have a bra and people will think I have a bust
and they are also so snuggly and will keep my chest warm”.
We gave her 5 bras so she could ‘keep warm’.

We’re always humbled when we're reminded that the littlest of things can have the biggest impact.

Drop Off Details

Mon-Thur 9-4pm

Fri 9-1pm

Unit 8, 84 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale, Sydney

Please come by and leave your donations in the basket by the front door.