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Bamboo Slips

    Gorgeously soft slip dresses to wear under dresses and skirts. The beautiful eco-friendly, bamboo breathable fabric is breathable and temperature regulating, perfect layering piece under sheer fabrics. Best of all - our slips are so incredibly soft on your skin you'll feel beautifully comforted all day! 
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    Eco-friendly Slips

    Slip Dresses are perfect for layering, typically under sheer materials. Our seamless slip dress is designed in a bamboo material, making this dress eco-friendly and with all the perks of natural fibres.

    Bamboo material is made from the pulp of the bamboo plant. The stalks are crushed, and the cellulose is separated from the fibre. The cellulose is then spun into thread and woven into fabric.

    For a guide to Slip sizes, on the product page for the Bamboo Slip click the Tape Measure icon then select Tops and Slips from the top tabs. You can also view our sizes all together here.

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