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Travel Intimates

    Travel Intimates are beautifully luxe and light to the touch, they are an underwear ideal for vacation. Named for the beautiful soft and light fabric that makes these the perfect underwear to take on holidays.  A quick wash in the bathroom and they'll dry overnight! Ideal for all body shapes & crafted with extra comfort and stretch. Take them on your next trip, wash and overnight dry!
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    Dry On the Fly

    Travel Intimates are designed in a Polyamide and Elastane blend. This epic combo makes for super quick drying fabric that can dry overnight, which makes it ideal for traveling. Similarly, it works extremely well when exercising or if you live in warm and humid climates. Did we mention how incredible soft this fabric is? You've never known this much comfort!

    Our travel fabric is a combination of super quick drying, soft and light polyamide and elastane, which is perfect for underwear as it is low bulk, with great long lasting stretch that will hold it's shape wash after wash.

    Absolutely. Designed to be super comfortable with no-dig in they are perfect for long plane or car trips but why not have the same level of comfort every day!

    As a lighter fabric, their quick dry nature makes for a quick wash and overnight dry whilst on holidays, but what a bonus on a winters day to have your washing dry quick!

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