Women's Health Week & Wirefree Bras

Women's Health Week | Jean Hailes For Women's Health | Bella Bodies Australia

Bella Bodies' bras are 100% wirefree, for your comfort and health. 

It's well documented that wired bras can negatively impact breast health, but the struggle for decent support, definition and shape lures women back to uncomfy bras.

No more - you've found wirefree bras that work.

Find out why this is so important at Jean Hailes' for Women's Health, organiser of Womens Health Week 5-11th September, 2022.

Breast checks are the focus on Monday 5th September, and we're delighted to support the sharing of this vital information.

Getting to know how your breasts normally look and feel is an important step in protecting yourself from breast cancer. It’s called being ‘breast aware’. Knowing what’s normal for you makes it easier to spot any unusual changes if they occur.

While nine out of 10 changes aren’t breast cancer, it’s important to be aware of them so you can have them investigated by your doctor as soon as possible.

Download your Breast Health Guide and Be Breast Aware for quick and easy information to protect yourself.