Recycle your Bra - Bella Bodies supports Uplift Project

* Update: Unfortunately, Uplift has closed their charity. We are sad to see them go, however we are still collecting perfectly good, unworn underwire bras and donating them to 'Support the Girl'. Read about 'Support the Girls' the amazing work they are doing.

This year, Bella Bodies is supporting the Uplift Project, an organisation dedicated to collecting new and secondhand bras for women in disadvantaged communities.

Unfortunately, in some regions, women can’t afford or have access to comfortable, good quality bras. In many cases for women to spend money on a bra for herself is seen as an unforgivable sin. Since 2005, Uplift has sent over 2 million bras to the Pacific, Asia and Africa (full list of countries available here) ensuring that bras get to the women who need them without compromising their dignity.

What we take for granted can go along way in these communities, providing dignity to women in business and at social occasions, protecting women from rashes and infections and preventing leakage amongst breast-feeding mothers. The Uplift project aims to provide women access to a bra, so they don’t have to experience these issues or compromise their dignity. Donations received are extremely appreciated as the bra they receive is often the only one they own.

Uplift Project

The organisation has really resonated with us at Bella Bodies, and that’s why this year we are supporting the Uplift project by donating some of our Bella Bodies Bras!

Additionally, we are extending this initiative to you. And so, if you have any bras that you no longer need or want, we will donate them to the Uplift Project on your behalf. All you need to do is send them to us! You can include them when you make a return or exchange or just send them to us separately and we will include them in our donation to the Uplift Project for you.

Please send your bras to the below address before Thursday, 21st November:

8/84 Old Pittwater Rd
Brookvale, NSW, 2100


We ask that if you do send your bras/crops that bras sized 8-16, A-DD cup, are undamaged with the elastic in good condition (elastic that has some bounce left). Bras with minor damage in sized 18+, A-DD cup or categorised as maternity or mastectomy bras are accepted as they are rarely donated and very much needed.

If you would like to donate your bra but don’t want to send it back to us. There are multiple Uplift Project drop off points around Australia. See a full list of drop off points here.

If you don’t have a bra to donate, donations are accepted. Just $10 will ship 100 bras overseas. All proceeds go directly to Uplift Project. You can donate through here.

Our first donation will be shipped week of 25th November.

For further information on Uplift Project, please visit Uplift Project.

If you have any further questions for us, please email

We thank you for your support!

Much Love, Bella Bodies Team.