Ok, let’s talk about Body Acceptance, whereby no matter what size or age we are , we just accept our bodies, the way nature intended and stop torturing ourselves.  This is a massive and important trend now and I absolutely love it.  More designers are making clothes for all shapes and sizes and many woman around the world are now feeling so much more confident in their skin. 

Bloody Fantastic.  Us woman can just embrace our bodies!  That’s easy, so easy to say, very easy to be inspired by those empowering words…. Ah SO why is it  I am having such a problem embracing my body? 

Many hours I have wasted,  pondering this question and have come up with this conclusion.   Bottom line, I do not like my body,  will not accept my body, refuse to accept it  not now not ever.   I just  want to be a  Goddess.  I want my body to be more toned, less flabby, younger.  I want a smaller waist, longer legs, longer neck and  have always wanted those things and most of us woman, we all want those gorgeous curves and slenderness that many of us even if we had surgery would never have.  At the end of the day, it is truly quite difficult to accept our bodies when we are desperately wishing for a different one.  Fashion   is all designed around being a   curvy size 10 and 175cms tall, why do you think they don’t put short girls who are size 14 on the catwalk…it just doesn’t look as commercial or glamorous.  

So, ask yourself, if a magic genie appeared and asked you what you would like to change about yourself. How many of you would say “Oh no, I am completely happy with the way I look and have total body acceptance”?   NOT!

You see we all tend to suffer from a desire to be something different and I for one am honouring and acknowledging this feeling.   What I will embrace and admit though is my suffering, shout it to the world then. in a very Buddhist way of thinking just let it go.   Au revoir, Sayonara, Arrivederci, not going to think about it anymore. Free myself from the suffering of the desire to be something I cannot be.

And there you have it.  Body Acceptance.   See ya!