Don't Worry, Be Happy!


Last week I was at the Comedy Store in Sydney watching this Aussie comedian (sorry don’t remember his name)

He was discussing his marriage breakup and how he and his wife were always arguing about the show cushions on the bed that he thought was a waste of space.  You know those beautiful expensive ones us woman buy and always must remove before bedtime because god forbid they got dirty from relaxing on them (that’s if you even bothered to even make the bed that day!)

In his words he said, “My wife was fastidious about them as if she was always waiting for Vogue Magazine to come and do a photo shoot!” 

God, I laughed, in fact, I laughed hysterically, and it really got me thinking about some of the first world issues we get stressed about and how some of us get obsessed with everything looking perfect and ensuring they are Instagram worthy like many of the social influencers and bloggers constantly do.  Basically if you are like me and you follow a few people that bombard you with their stylish “Look of the day” or Make the bed Wednesday and here is my perfect body and how did I get it,  you can feel like you are a bit lazy or daggy at times when basically you are just too busy to change your exercise regime or even make the bed.

We are always trying to keep it real and we are on a mission here at Bella Bodies Australia, to encourage and inspire you to be yourself and do the best with what you have. Sure, we’ve all got hang-ups about certain aspects of our bodies, but we’re firm believers that women shouldn’t define themselves by how they look.

Yes we know it’s often easier said than done, and insecurities that have been stalking us for decades can be hard to shake off. But when you’re older do you really want to have regrets about not getting out and about because you didn’t like the way you looked? Now is the time to let it go and get amongst it!

What have you got to lose?

We’d hazard a guess that looking back at photos of yourself years ago you like what you see, although at the time you recall feeling frumpy and uncomfortable. Imagine if you’d just stop worrying about trying to be ‘perfect’ and accepted yourself - all you’d have to worry about then was having fun!

As spring approaches we want you to get that cossie on, don that slinky dress and get out there and enjoy life. For those with children, you will be teaching them to accept and love their own bodies and that self confidence and happiness isn’t dependent on a person’s body type or size.

Leave your worries at the door!

Women are WAY too hard on themselves and are missing out on new opportunities, friendships and adventures because we refuse to accept our bodies. Wear that gorgeous dress you’ve left languishing on the hanger, put on your funky accessories and head out the door to that party – don’t forget to leave your worries behind!

An incredibly inspirational woman who is also on a ‘quest to end the global body-hating epidemic’ is Taryn Brumfitt. She founded the internationally-recognised crusade the Body Image Movement and travels the globe working tirelessly to put an end to body loathing and spread the message of body loving.

Here at Bella Bodies Australia we’re all about empowering women, and we love the movement’s philosophy so much we wanted to share it with you.

We say no to…

  • Excessive ‘photoshopping’ of body images in the media
  • Being programmed by the media and corporations into accepting unrealistic body images
  • Prescribing to the notion that being a certain weight determines whether you’re healthy
  • Sexualisation of girls in the media and modern culture
  • Women being treated as sexual objects and the objectification of women
  • Society and advertising preying on women’s insecurities

And we say yes to…

  • Body diversity and embracing all body types, shapes, sizes, colours and revelling in the beauty of the human form
  • Celebrating the journey our bodies have been on
  • Giving an alternative to cosmetic surgery, and learning to live and love your body
  • Growing old, and acknowledging the privilege to do so
  • Women focusing on things that are important, rather than comparing ourselves to others
  • Teaching women that their body is not an ornament, but a vehicle to their dreams
  • Teaching women to arm themselves with the skills which will make them resilient and unshakable when bombarded with negative body image in the media
  • Being healthy at every weight

At Bella Bodies we’re committed to arming you with comfy shapewear that will help you feel firm and wonderful in your own clothing and accept and embrace your body just the way it is.

We also hope that over time you’ll realise that we are our own worst enemy and that the only one judging us is us! And before you turn down another invitation, ask yourself ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’.

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