Amazing Properties of Bamboo

If you've ever worn a garment made from Bamboo fibre you'll understand how wonderful it make's you feel.  At Bella Bodies we make underwear that is incredibly soft and comfortable, it feels wonderful against the most sensitive of skin, is eco friendly, sustainably produced and in our opinion it's breathability makes it perfect for the hot Australian climate

What is Viscose?
Viscose is any fibre made from wood pulp.  Bella Bodies use sustainably sourced bamboo to create our beautifully comfortable bamboo viscose garments.

Why does bamboo make such beautiful clothes?
We make our garments with the best quality Bamboo viscose available on special Italian knitting machines.  This makes the garments:

  • virtually seamless
  • super comfy to wear. 
  • Bamboo viscose is a breathable fabric,
  • great for layering, and
  • excellent for sensitive skin, especially on scar tissue from any breast surgery
  • The way the garments are knitted makes them very stable with great recovery. Give it a wash and it bounces straight back into shape.  

Warm in winter and cool and breathable in summer. Camis  are great for layering under your more lightweight clothes extending your wardrobe into the cooler months. Knickers  and bras  in bamboo are so soft and comfortable you wont' even know you're wearing them!

Eco friendly and Bio degradable
Bamboo grows extremely fast with very little water, unlike cotton.  It is grown with very little pesticides so this makes Bamboo a super eco friendly fabric.  Fast growing and self propagating bamboo is the perfect solution for a growing population.

See our range of knickers, bras and camis  and feel the difference for yourself.

The Bella Bodies Bamboo Viscose Range

Bamboo Range, Bella Bodies Australia

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