5 Trends for your 2021 Wardrobe

Often the new year can spur on newfound inspiration, whether it be a new hobby, diet/exercise regime or a wardrobe refresh.

Big spring clean outs call for getting rid of all those pieces that were once a goodie but are now just an oldie. We can’t deny it feels good to get rid of that old baggage… but it feels even better to hit refresh on our wardrobe with some new pieces. We’ve put together a list of trends to spur on that new year wardrobe inspiration and we guarantee they will be a 2021 staple in your wardrobe that you’ll go back to time and time again.


Monochrome Wardrobes are still here in 2021! And why? Because Monochrome just makes it easy to get dressed in the morning. The word “monochromatic” breaks down into two parts: “mono” meaning single and “chromatic” meaning colour. This doesn’t mean you have to wear all one colour, it means wearing different shades/tints of that colour. Exhibit A below. For the mix and matchers, a monochrome wardrobe may be the best to avoid fashion faux pas.

Monochrome Fashion Trend I Bella Bodies Blog I Bella Bodies Australia

From Top to Bottom: 

Bamboo Ultimate Adjustable Crop Bra 

Bamboo Knickers 


It is the year of the BELLA BODIES BRA! If COVID has taught us anything it’s how important comfy intimates are. You’re lying if you didn’t wear your pyjama pants during the work-from-home zoom calls. Regardless, it’s 2021 and comfy intimates shouldn’t be a newfound discovery, they should be a priority, especially when it comes to bras. They are a crowd favourite as women discover you still get the ultimate support from an underwire-free bra. It’s time to stop holding on to the bra that gives you grief and give a non-underwire bralette a go. Shop Here.

Crop Bra I Bella Bodies Blog I Bella Bodies Australia

From Top to Bottom:

Bella Eco Sports Crop

Bamboo Skinny Strap Bra 

Ruby Lace Under-wire Free Bra 

Bamboo Ultimate Adjustable Crop Bra


Wide leg or flare pants are just absolutely brilliant. They are super flattering on the legs, casual or dressy and come in all sorts of shapes and colours for any body type. It’s a trend that never seems to die and will stay with you from season to season. Undeniably there really is something special about a wide leg paired with a heeled boot.

Wide Leg Pants I Bella Bodies Blog I Bella Bodies Australia


Capes are a sleeveless garment with an open front. Not to be confused with superhero capes these ones are fashionable, practical and make you feel like a boss lady. They are an interesting trend to enter 2021, as capes have come and gone throughout the years, but we think having at least one cape in your wardrobe is absolutely essential and can elevate anything you’re wearing underneath it. With endless variety of length, colour and cut you can be edgy and elegant all at once. Create a stunning dimension with your look by pairing it with a long sleeve and slim leg pant or pencil skirt.

Capes I Bella Bodies Blog I Bella Bodies Australia


Colours to keep an eye out for this year are light and bright. Blue hues like Sky Blue and Navy are in to substitute Black and Grey. It can be softer on the skin and add a bit of dimension to your wardrobe. Lemon and Raspberry are the pops of colour for 2021. These are fun and versatile colours to mix and match with your basic pieces. Of course, Black and White are still going strong and are the perfect go to colours to include in your “monochrome” wardrobe or to pair with a more statement colour.

Colour Trends I Bella Bodies Blog I Bella Bodies Australia

Front Left to Right: 

Bamboo Slip

Camyz Shapewear Smoothing Tank

Bamboo Ultimate Adjustable Crop Bra & Bamboo Knickers 

Bamboo Skinny Strap Bra & Bamboo Knickers

Pure Comfort Modal Slim Strap Tank

Choose pieces that work for you and your style. Picking a few key pieces is always nice to freshen the look and show off your personality. 

Much Love, 

Bella Bodies Australia