Wire-free Bras & Breast Health

Why Wire-free bras are good for your bust health | Bella Bodies Australia

Still wearing underwire bras? Girls we need to talk.

Ok gals…. OMG thank God its 2023 and not 1923 where woman were contorted into ghastly uncomfortable corsets then a few years later breasts were poured into pointy scratchy nylon and lifted as high as possible.!. And if that was not uncomfortable enough the underwire wonder bra came out in the 70s and our bust was contorted sideways and upways…., I won’t get started about how many models have broken their legs pacing up and down in stilettos shoes.  And now in 2023 the white sandshoes are the go-to for almost every woman of every age for any time of the day… (well that’s me anyway lol)

Here at Bella Bodies, we have known this for many years and began creating underwire free Bamboo bras around 2012. Beautiful shaping, breathable supportive and gorgeous Bras that you do not feel you are even wearing.


There is so much more to know about wire free bras.

The discomfort underwire bras cause (we all know those red marks and the amazing relief when you finally undo that back clasp!) could actually be causing harm to your body. It makes sense when you think about it – something pushing constantly against one area for so many hours every day can limit the body’s ability to function well in that area.   For me have the hard edge of the bra on a hot summer days chafing against the soft skin of my underarm was most annoying .You can google some of the health reasons why long-term wearing of underwire bras is not so great for your breast health.

So how do we maintain breast health?

There are a few things you can do. Here is our easy peasy breast health check list.

  1. Set a reminder in your calendar to do a monthly breast check.
    • The months fly by so fast so remembering to do a breast check monthly is a real challenge. Set a reminder – problem solved!
    • Remember when checking that you need to look out for anything different, not necessarily a lump. Thickening, change of shape, anything different happening in one breast to the other are signs to see the doctor. Here’s a guide for how to do your check:
  2. Choose wire free bras.
    • The quality and support available in wire free bras are exceptional these days, offering great shape and breast separation, without the pain of a wire. We just don’t need them anymore!
    • Try Ruby Lace Wire free Bras for a beautiful lace look with maximum support, or Bamboo Bras for perfect stretch and comfort.
    • NEVER EVER wear an under-wire bra to bed.  If you can’t get out of the habit of wearing your favourite under-wire bra during the day…pop on one of our Ultimate Bras or our little sexy spaghetti strap Lace Bras as soon as you get home   SHOP WIREFREE BRAS