Natalie Angel's Vacay Wrap Up

  Natalie Angel from @letmetrybeforeyoubuy showcasing our Travel Lite Underwear, versatile Travel Wrap and Wide Leg Pants, effortlessly comfortable Jogger and comfy Bamboo Knickers and Bamboo Wireless Bras.

Get styling tips from the woman who knows how to dress for real women's body shapes.


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Today is all about comfort my gorgeous girlfriends! Have I got some great new styles, from Australian brand Bella Bodies. Friends, before we get into it, I just want to establish Bella Bodies size chart. They have an unusual size chart and I love the terminology that they use. I filled up the screen with the size chart so you can be familiar with voluptuous, very voluptuous, etc. etc.                             

So friends, that will make sense to you. When I put the sizing that I am, I'm either going to be in the V or probably the V V for very voluptuous. Today, friends, let's get into this beautiful Travel Wrap. We're in a whopping 92% Bamboo and 8% Elastane. This feels luxe. It's got a good weight to it.                 

It's not too light, it's not too heavy. It's just the right amount of weight. It feels light once you put it on and that is especially because of how much fabric they’ve given us. They haven't scrimped. Beautiful sizing on this. Have a look at this. They’ve thought of everything. I've got sleeve room in the arm, sizing is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait for Bella Bodies to bring out some more colours in this beautiful wrap.                                                                                 

And I hope that my assistant is showing you how versatile this travel wrap is. Even great for casual corporate wear, I did some really good looks with this. I just want to show you one trick. Friends really, really quickly I want you to get two ends together. It's never complicated with me, babe. Feed your pin through. Ok. Whop him over, Ok.

And you can shorten the length, if you would like to. This is still very comfortable but sometimes you might want a really longer style and sometimes you might want a shorter. Top pick! This feels really, really good.

Let's get into these pants. I've Umm’d and Ahh’d, on what size I’m getting to represent and I think it's going to be...the sizing advice I'm going to give is especially relevant for my Pear Body shape.                                                         

If you are Rectangular or more Apple in your body shape, which predominantly means that your upper thighs are not a problem for you. Ok, Never think about them. You never have to worry about them. Purchase your allocated size. No problems at all if you are a Pear like me. If you carry weight in your lower tummy, your upper thighs, your hips and your tush.

Ok, if you want more casual styling into casual corporate styling, I want you to think about sizing because we can't have these looking like a legging. For little casual styling, smart casual and casual corporate. Friends, these are a top pick Wide Leg Pant! I am wearing the size 18 equivalent, (V) whatever's over there. 

If you're just going to wear them at home, exercise, going to the grocery store, things like that, purchase your usual size. I will have me come out here now in the smallest size in the Navy so that you can see. Ok, so we've got 2 colourways, which is great.                       

The length is fantastic. I love the front pockets. It really gives it a modern edge. They're insanely, insanely comfortable. And I was genuinely surprised with the amount of styling options.

I have with these pants, friends, the Modal Tank I have got on. I'll move on to this bra in a minute. This is an incredible lightweight, bra friendly but super, super long modal tank.

Let me get my assistant out, so you can see it comes down to here. This is a very long tank. If you have a tummy, you want the singlet over your tummy, my gorgeous girl. This is going to be the one for you. For tucking, I've just folded the tank on top of itself. Let me turn around for you.                             

Now, these are the new Lifestyle Jogger from Bella Bodies. Let's explore these friends. We have a Nylon with a whopping 13% elastane in these pants. Fabrication is the same, the cut is very different. What is similar is I have to say I'm loving this wide, almost a full hand width wide waistband. 

These pants are going absolutely nowhere, a slight front facing zipped pocket. But I love how deep these pockets are. There's also a little invisible pocket at the back here as well. If you would like that. The cut on this is very different. We have a significant leg allowance at the upper thigh and then it tapers down. This is a very different style of pant.      

I think you either get it like one or the other. Let's get “Missy Moo” out styling these pants, these pants and not as flexible in my humble and respectful opinion, to the Wide Leg. So these are more walking, yoga, exercise appropriate. These pants are more for super casual styling and potentially street styling with these particular pants, in my humble opinion.   

Let's get this up, I love the fact that we've got a cuff at the bottom. So if you are slimmer in the leg, if you want to highlight the shape of your leg, okay, These pants are really nice. They're for my girls like me. We do not need to upsize because there is a wider allocation here. Very generous at the upper thigh.

So I have stuck to my usual size. Have a look at these, friends. I can say hand on heart. Hand on heart that once you try these pants, you're going to be reaching for them all the time! Let's get the Travel Wrap back on. I just want you to think about, which is more likely for you, for your lifestyle.                                                                                                   

Which are you going to wear the most? Which could you wear 5 days out of 7? That's the one that I want you to buy. The fabric is the same on both. The waistband is the same on both, which is an absolute excellent addition from Bella Bodies. It’s just going to be the leg style. For you to have a think about.     

Let's get into the shoestring Bamboo Cami. This my gorgeous friend is slightly longer than the previous one. Let me get my assistant out here.  And that is mainly due to the fact that we've got adjustability in the straps.                            

Again, we have the doubled over hem at the end, which is really nice. Let me just confirm 78% Bamboo, 16% Polyamide, and 6% Elastane. These are very, very stretchy, These are incredibly lightweight! So it's great you've got the option if you want a bra friendly strap, you go the previous version. I’m going to get take you through this bra in a minute because it's a Top Pick of mine, as well.     

Friends for styling options, are great, it’s just going to depend on whether you like a strappy strap, a strappy strap or whether you like a bra friendly straps. Should we keep undressing, babe. Let's do it! because this bra, is one of my all time favourites! This is the bra that I wear most often under my strappy dresses. Let me come up and show you. It is so comfortable!                                             

There is a tremendous amount of stretch on these. We have a nice waist band on these as well. I do have another option, I'm going to do that next. For big, big titty committee, this isn't going to be your preferred styling. I do have one with a thicker strap, but if you are titty bitty, small up to mid-busted, this is a Top Pick!

And here it is, the Ultimate Bamboo Adjustable Bra and we have the beautiful Bamboo Knicker. Friends, we have a new colourway. Let's explore the colours and let's explore fabrication here, my gorgeous friend. So we had a 78% Bamboo Viscose, we have Polyamide and then we have Elastane. The Grey Marle is a new colour, my gorgeous girl. 

We have a blue, a beige, beautiful pink and a black, as well. These can be purchased in single packs and I'm going to price them as singles. You can get them in value packs, as well. Let me get the pink. I just want you to see here how these mould and support your bust is all the way, due to how the bamboo is manufactured.

These have an insane amount of stretch. They are incredibly comfortable. These are a great breastfeeding option, my gorgeous friend, as well. If you like something just a little bit more simple and easy, great depth in the back. And again, we have adjustability in this thicker strap, big titty committee. This is going to be. I think it's your choice as always, my gorgeous friend.

But you are going to get a little bit more lift and support with the thicker strap. Friends, these knickers, these Bamboo Knickers are my go- to knickers for our monthly visits. They don't move the waistband stays up. I have moderate, moderate amount of a seam, here at the side. It's comfortable, but it stays put. We have 4 finger wide, with the gusset, so it holds our sanitary products really, really nicely, which is important.

These Bamboo Knickers are also my go-to when I'm wearing activewear, when I'm wearing jeans, they hold to tuck. I love these underpants. They feel really nice. I love the fabrication, that it includes some bamboo. Let me turn around for friends. Now, as you know, I am a Harry high rise lover, so I pull these up. If you want to wear them lower. Like this, you absolutely can!

Bella Bodies has just released a new range of underwear called the Travel Light range. Some very, very different range shapes and styles to the bamboo range that we just spoke about. Let's explore friends.                                                     

What I want you to see. The bamboo, Ok so this is the Bamboo Underpants and now this is the Travel Lite knicker range. And I just want you to see, okay, so we've got no bamboo in the Travel Lite range. Doesn't look too different from the front where we can really see the difference babe, is in the back can you see, this one facing you is the bamboo and the one underneath is a travel lite range.  

Can you see it is longer here. It's going to seem much lower on the leg. Okay. It's also a little bit deeper here as well, which is interesting. So let's explore fabrication here, friends. We have got a Polyamide and Elastane blend, so no bamboo in this. I need to talk to you about the leg opening babe, it's not as stretchy.                                                         

There is a good amount of stretch, but not as much stretch as the bamboo range. With this particular style of underpants, if you are fuller the leg, I feel that the cheeky version of this, which it's a G-string version, I'll have an image here from the website, my gorgeous friend.                                                                   

It's a G-string, that will be much more suitable for ladies who are fuller in the legs like me. If you carry your weight he legs like me. If you carry your weight more in your midsection, not in your legs, these pants are going to be great for you.                                                  

That's not going to happen with these. Very, very slinky. The waist elastication, I actually really, really like. Let me turn around for your friends. Lots of coverage at the back. But this style, in my opinion, my gorgeous friend is best suited for ladies who do not carry their weight in the upper thigh. And finally, we have the Girlshort in the Travel Lites range.  

So friends, this is a boy leg style. Again, quite low in the rise and very, very low in the leg line. Let me just show you really quickly here, friends of the Travel Lites range. Okay. We've got seams, I do actually really like this elastication at the top and then we have traditional seams. We also have a 4 finger wide, yep 4 finger wide gusset here, which is perfect for sanitary items and things like that.   

So, friends, this is where body shape and personal preferences really, really come to the forefront in my opinion, if I may, as a girl, who carries the weight here. Okay. This Girlshort, which is a boy length style, could be challenging, but only for some of you, my gorgeous friends. If you love Boy shorts styles then it’s fantastic.

So the sizing I think I would stick to your allocated size as per the website. These are fitting me, how I think that they should. Which is really, really nice. My gorgeous girl, let me turn around; good coverage at the back and please don't forget with the Travel Lites there is also a Cheeky option which is a full blown G-string, my gorgeous friends.

Girls, that is everything I've got to show you from the beautiful team at Bella Bodies. Much love.