LMTBYB gives you the inside scoop on our underwear!

Get truly intimate info on Bella Bodies’ underwear, non wired bras and shapewear with Let Me Try Before You Buy’s Natalie Angel as she dives into our undies to give you the real and completely honest inside scoop on sizing, cuts, stretch, firming and more!

Fashion Influencer Tries Bella Bodies Bamboo Underwear, Shapewear & Clothing

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Natalie Angel is the Aussie woman’s go-to girl for real women’s fashion, road testing clothing and cutting through sales hype. She’s been featured on The Project, A Current Affair and Press and Bloggers are lining up to interview her, including the Daily Mail UK.

Our bamboo underwear, non wired bras, comfy firm control shapewear and women’s activewear and lifestyle clothing have been reviewed by thousands of Aussie women, with 5 stars given nearly every time. But what does a size 16 Fashion Influencer think of our styles?

Natalie Angel has a gorgeously real body and a talent for testing out women’s underwear, bras and shapewear. She’s incredibly honest and demonstrates everything with clarity – from the knicker stretch and full bottom coverage, to showing the shaping panels positioning and any divulging any tips and tricks she’s learnt as a women’s clothing expert.

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