5 Underwear Trends happening right now!

The way we have been purchasing intimates over the last few years have been dramatically changing for all of us woman young and young at heart.

We have come a long way since the wire and bone corsets of 100 years ago! Passing out, not being able to eat as it really was the ’de rigueur’ of the day. The days of extreme waist cinching are over as we begin to embrace our bodies in whatever size or shape we are. 

The biggest trend of this century is about embracing the size you are. Thank goodness I say!

Here’s just a few things for 2019 that we hope will be inspirational for you

 Bamboo firming Knickers

1. Knickers that breathe and fit just right! As we move from the party days of G-strings and Brazilian cuts and many of us embrace the days of motherhood and family we want comfortable, breathable and well fitted knickers that don’t ride up, don’t show a knicker line and stay in place. You can now find such an array of fabric like Bamboo viscose, modal and cotton that feel and look good.  

2. Bye Bye Underwire. Painful underwires and outrageously padded 'push up' bras were often the only options available for women. The beautiful thing is that there is now a range of soft cup and underwire free great looking bras that are supportive and super comfortable for any age and bust size. Many of the younger girls are going bra free. Good on them I say, although being that the author is in her 50’s it probably won’t be something I can get away with.

3. Hi Waist Knickers. Sales of G-strings have "plateaued" and there is a "big growth in full briefs. Girls of all ages are realising that some clothing just goes better with a high waist knicker especially under a bodycon dress or Hi Waist Jeans. Even the swimsuits this season are very high waisted almost like the look of the 50's design.

4. Shape-wear that smooths rather than restricts. Shape-wear is so very different from 100 years ago. With the discovery of spandex, new innovative stretchy fabrics and the more casual dress style (especially in Australia) none of us want to feel and look restricted. We still want to look firmer and shapelier so it’s not so much about trying to look 2 sizes smaller and not being able to breathe. There is such a range and variety of shape-wear and smooth wear that you can well find the exact comfort fit you like.

 Runway Slip

5. Last words - Embracing your size and shape. Finally, it’s such a freedom for all woman to be able to feel more at ease with our own bodies just as they are rather than some unrealistic version of ourselves. Even movie stars back in the 40’s were a crazy 36/24/36 cm. Sure, most of us will always want to be a few kilos lighter, with maybe a more toned tummy but while we have such desirable, curvaceous woman in the film and the modelling industry on the catwalk over the past 10 years this has given more freedom and awareness that desirability is not dependent on being a size 8 with a DD bustline. Realism is in and the pressure off!