5 Fabulous Ways to Get Set For Spring!

With spring just a few weeks away it’s time to shake off that winter coat we all don during winter and get excited about the upcoming summer months. Think picnics on the beach as the sun sets, camping with friends and frocking up for those rooftop parties and backyard barbecues.

So once you’ve caught up on your favourite Netflix series, why not try one or some of these super fun and easy ways to ensure you’re primed and ready to launch yourself into spring!

5 fabulous ways to get set for spring

  1. Out with the old, in with the new

With a new season comes new fashion, so before summer arrives why not go through your clothes from last year and have a cull. Think about what you rarely wore, didn’t fit or simply don’t like anymore, and either donate to charity or swap with friends. Not that you ever need an excuse for a get-together, but maybe you could organise an event whereby guests bring clothes they want to swap and make an afternoon or evening of it. It’s also a thrifty way to get some funky new outfits!

  1. Gather the girls and have a getaway

If you’ve been hibernating over the winter months, why not plan a spring getaway with your girlfriends? There’s nothing like a weekend away from partners and children to inject some spring into your step. And we know just the person who can make this happen, Jen and the GG Team  from Girls Getaways. She believes that time with your best girls helps to create a happy and balanced life, and we couldn’t agree more. All you have to do is gather up your tribe, choose a destination and she’ll take care of the rest. Run, don’t walk!

  1. Keep abreast of important health checks

Sure it’s not exactly glam, but while you’re still in hibernation mode now is the perfect time to get those pesky but important health checks done. We’re thinking a dental check-up and a visit to the doctor for those crucial women-only health checks. If you’re considering permanent hair removal get started today so you’ve got one less thing to worry about in summer. To reward yourself for taking care of these awkward but important jobs, why not treat yourself to some lingerie, lunch, a movie or a trip to the shops with a bestie!

  1. Pamper yourself – you deserve it

Before you know it spring will be here and you’ll be as social as a butterfly, so why not use these quieter months to treat yourself. Maybe you’ve always wanted to get your teeth whitened or would adore a facial and massage to lift your mood and face. We’re always so busy looking after everyone else in our lives we often forget to take care of what we want. And you know how great it feels to have someone fuss over you every now and then. Go on, treat yourself.

  1. Inject something new into your life

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same thing over and over again. Having routines and being organised are vital if you have a hectic life, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have something to look forward to. Think of an activity or adventure you’ve always wanted to do or learn and sign up. Maybe it’s a craft-related activity or a new language, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to scuba dive, play a team sport or learn to dance. Ask yourself, what have you got to lose? Take the plunge and get out of your comfort zone this summer – it might change your life.

At Bella Bodies we’re all about making you feel wonderful in the skin and body you have. Life is for living and too short to worry about the ‘what if’s. Get out there and have fun - we’ve got you covered every step of the way!

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