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Bella Bodies launches Travel Lites underwear in 3 styles of comfy and quick dry silky, sexy black and sand underwear; the Cheeky, the Girl Short and the Knicker are all super soft and light. With 3 cuts and coverage options featuring our fast-drying travel fabric, all 3 styles come with a satiny waistband and cotton gusset for comfort and protection.

Cheeky Knicker | Travel Lites | Bella Bodies Australia
Knicker | Travel Lites | Bella Bodies Australia
Girl Short | Travel Lites | Bella Bodies Australia
The Travel Lites luxurious knicker collection is ideal for overnight to long haul travel. Giving you a super sheer, satin sensation with that soft stretch comfort that Bella Bodies are known for.
Minimise packing, with space-saving Travel Lites for ultimate comfort and never again have the “undies dilemma” as our knickers dry overnight!
Topped with a sleek, satin shine stretchy waist band across the tops of the Cheeky, Girl Short and Knickers, ensures no dig-in and makes the Travel Lites suitcase non-negotiables.
We all know that what’s underneath dictates how comfy, confident and we relaxed we feel. So check out the top 10 reasons they’re an everyday winner.
 Why fly with less?

Girl Short and Cheeky | Travel Lites | Bella Bodies Australia

Travel Lites top 10 reasons they’re non-negotiables for travelling:

Are you:

✓ Wearing something stretchy 

✓ Feeling comfy for short or long flights and road trips

✓ Remaining fresh and relaxed before, during and on arrival

✓ Packing less in your suitcase; the silky fabric packs compactly

✓ Wash and overnight dry; fresh for on the go

✓ Styling silky, satiny and sexy look and feel

✓ Sitting, stretching out or reclining - No dig or ride up

✓ Fitting softly on your body - No need to adjust

✓ Lightweight, luggage friendly and sensuous to the touch

✓ Fabric allows more air circulation and and a barely there feel

Select between classic mid rise full bottom coverage of the Travel Lite Knicker, or boy leg cut of the Travel Lite Girl Short to the trending Travel Lites Cheeky; a sexy cross between Brazilian and G string.

The silky and sensuous satin cool fabric feel, makes Bella Bodies Travel Lites quick drying and lightweight. Roll them into a tiny package, as suitcase space savers or travel non-negotiables, fit for all body shapes and styled for extra comfort and stretch.

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