The Inside Scoop for Smart Travelers - A Qantas Flight Attendants perspective

  Over the following winter months,  many of you will be longing to escape the dreary cold weather and head to some delightful sunny place by either air or ship. As many of you know I have been a very frequent  traveller for many years and have some great packing solutions. What you may not know is that Simone who is our wonderful Bella Bodies customer service manager was a Qantas International Flight Attendant for over 25 years and she has some incredible tips for getting the best service and amazing information from all the flight crew.  She also happens to be my sister so I know you are getting the absolute best service at Bella Bodies along with complete honesty!


  1. Packing Tips. We tend to throw more into our bag initially than what we need.  Best to really plan out and maximise space as you may need extra space in your bag for those great new purchases on holidays.   I find that I use only 2/3rds of what I pack. Usually I lay  everything out on my bed  then do a cull. You’ve  got to be tough, you can’t take everything.  Make sure you have some of your favourite items though.   Layering is a godsend. A few pieces of light layers like the long sleeve bamboo will see you through those evenings or flights that are a little chilly. Try to only take things that you can wear more than once and that do need ironing. Make sure that each top you take goes with every pair of pants, skirts and jeans to chop and change your look up. I always have a pair of thongs with me as I prefer to wear them in my hotel room rather than bare feet.  If you are going to the swimming pool or spa a pair of thongs will be easy to cart around.


  1. What to wear on the flight   You never know who you might meet or if you might be upgraded so you want to ensure you look your best while being super comfortable.  I always wear my bamboo bra and Cami as they breathe and if you are sitting on a flight for a long time you need to be as comfortable as possible.  Generally,  I will wear a pair of stretch pants (never tracky dacs) with a white bamboo layer with a little light vest or jacket.   If I need to take a coat I don’t pack it,  I take it onboard and usually the flight attendant will hang it up so it’s out of the way. With shoes, I tend to wear a low heeled covered shoe as in some airports you can walk  miles to get to immigration.  Always pack an extra pair of knickers in your onboard luggage. At least you will be fresh when you arrive at your destination.


  1. What I can’t live without on board the flight. I take a very small toiletry bag that carries small tubes of moisturiser, makeup wipes, mascara, light foundation, a small tube of perfume and a bit of lippy. I place these in a clear plastic bag so I am always prepared if customs want all my liquids in it.  I might be super tired when I arrive into London but at least I don’t look so bad. My eyeglasses, phone, a book and don’t forget the extra pair of knickers.  I also have a spare pair of contact lenses just in case



  1. Smile as you board the aircraft. Most flight attendants have been chosen because they love working with people.   So when they take the time to greet you make sure you give them a big hello.  You never know when you need their help later in the flight and you will easily be remembered and liked than if you have completely ignored them as you board.  Leave that phone in your bag also until you sit down.
  2. Manners are really important. They understand that going through customs and lining up through immigration is very tiring and exhausting but once on the aircraft you are best served by simple manners. They get so many requests and really appreciate if they are treated with respect.
  3. Try to plan your trip to the Loo before and after the meal service. Sometimes,  of course, this is unavoidable but they have a  lot of customers to serve and having to move the trolley up and down to allow passengers through to go to the toilet can slow down everyone’s meal.
  4. In the quiet times, go down and say hello to them. They love meeting new people and finding out what you are doing.  They are also  a wealth of information about each destination and can give you so many ideas of places to visit that might not be in the tourist information
  5. How not to disturb the seat in front of you! When you need to get out of the seat do not use the seat in front of you to help you up. That person might be snoozing and you will almost give them whiplash by grabbing onto their head rest.  Use your armrest and the back of your seat to launch yourself up.

Wherever you are lucky to be travelling I wish you all amazing holiday.  Please never hesitate to call us on (02) 9913 7808 on advice about any of our products that will make your travel experience super comfortable. Don't forget girls to add your own tips to this Blog as I am sure you are all full of handy informative tips.

Lots of Love Michel, and all the Bella Bodies Team!

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  • Helen

    All great Travel Tips! My really successful tip is to carry an organic Nasal Spray on board…use it before you board, and during the flight. A dry nose is susceptible to the aircon, and other passengers’ bugs (especially on long-haul flights!)

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