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Does anyone remember the movie ‘Shirley Valentine’?  It’s a story about feeling trapped in a world of domesticity.  Where Shirley, a housewife from Liverpool, needs real change in her life.  Her gal pal invites her to Greece then quickly dumps Shirley for a fling and Shirley is left to wander around Greece alone,  where she then meets a lovely local playboy.  It's a beautiful story, but the major difference between Shirley and myself is that her husband came to Greece to grab her back.



For me,  I knew my marriage was over, and the trip to Greece was my gift to myself after my husband and I decided to mutually separate after 20 years together.  Off I went  to do a Shirley Valentine and find myself.  This was my   first time away in over 21 years,  for more than 2 days without my family or on a business trip.  Went with my gal pal Kate and we headed to a little fishing village called Vasiliki.  We spent our time walking, swimming,  eating Greek food, drinking Ouzo… and doing a few windsurfing lessons                                                        

Of course, it was brilliant for both of us. We were so deeply happy that we had the opportunity to have such an amazing break,  that Kate kept on saying ‘This is the trip of a lifetime’ and I would nod my head and say “Absolutely”. Except,   I wouldn’t be going back to the comfort of a husband.  I was going to back to a solo life where I wouldn’t be included in ‘couple’s dinners’ anymore and planning outings with a companion who has virtually been by my side for 21 years.  A life where I would be looking to meet another man and having to navigate through the New style dating networks that didn’t exist 21 years ago.  I met my husband through a radio dating show so I guess it couldn’t be too difficult to go onto RSVP, ZOOSK or even TINDER.  Many of my married friends say ‘Oh I wouldn’t bother, I wouldn’t be interested in meeting anybody else but I think they are wrong.  I still have a few good years in   me and still love life, so why wouldn’t I want to meet someone new to  share experiences with?   Certainly, don’t always want to be the third wheel with my married friends  and as much as I love woman I don’t really enjoy candle- lit dinners with them (if you know what I mean LOL).  I want ROMANCE and the big question is will I find it!!  LOL

 Don’t worry girls, it’s not a bad break up really.  We are still friends but we realised that we both had grown apart and   wanted different things.  We chose to separate well, as much as I am not into quoting American Celebrities I think Gwenyth Paltrow calls it ‘Conscious Uncoupling’

So, this brings me to the whole point of this little blog I have written.  Remember, life is short  and you only have one, so look after your health, be who you want to be, live the life you really want and treat yourself the way you want everyone else to treat you

Be brave and do what you want to do without hurting anybody else, and if you have found the love of your life hang onto him/her with dear life but don’t give up on yourself and what you need.

Best wishes and lots of love

Michel xx




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Sue Cornish
Sue Cornish

September 23, 2017

Bravo Michel- you are my Hero- believing in yourself and living life to the extremes of happiness is what I aspire to because of you. We suddenly lost our closest and lifelong best friend eleven years ago this September aged 55yrs and although each of us was and for me still is, married to the best of men- it was an inexplicable bond of dear female friendship that I feel you are only ever blessed with perhaps once in a lifetime.We shared for almost 35 years together, best friends laughter, tears, morning teas with endless cups of tea and freshly baked dutch biscuits, giggly secrets,fun-filled shopping expeditions, the joy of watching our respective new little grandchildren on the way, happy snaps of our latest grandchildren and frequent joyous large family outings together and when she was hospitalized suddenly for no apparent medical reason and then she remained on life support until the life support had to be switched off a month later-you never really know what you have until it suddenly goes from your life. Soooo- as I said – live the extremes of happiness that you never thought possible and treat yourself with love and kindness for those that were dear to you and are not here in life to share it now. Everyday I make sure that I live and laugh because of and for my dear late friend because she cannot do this. So thank you Michel for reminding me of this secret pledge.Love to you all. Sue

Linda Tinetti
Linda Tinetti

September 02, 2017

Understand the ‘Conscious uncoupling’ completely as I am also going through tough times with a mutual separation, respect and understanding of each others needs at this stage in our lives….wishing you all the happiness in this world Michelle Xx

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