Win one of ten $100 gift cards!

Win One of Ten $100 Gift Cards

Girls this is your moment to win $100 of "the comfiest undies you'll ever wear"!

How to enter

It's so easy! Jump on Instagram or Facebook, find any competition post and answer the following question in the comments section:

"If you had an extra day each week, what would you do with it and with who? Comment your answer and tag your friend!"

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(To tag your friend, type an "@" symbol and start typing their name - your friend should pop up!)

Enter as many times as you like before midnight Wednesday 27th October, 2021.

Why this competition?

Burnout is REAL ladies! Overworked, too busy and stressed? Take a breath. (Right now!)

We tend to work more hours than we’re paid for, and as women and mothers we usually look after ourselves last, when we really should be prioritising something lovely every week just for us.

Michel Bella Bodies Bamboo Underwear

Michel started Bella Bodies 15 years ago and chose to foster a healthy work culture and work/life balance to maintain staff wellbeing. She found small things make a big difference…

  • Trading 9 to 4 but we actually do leave at 4 😲

  • Half days on Friday

  • We all take lunch together to keep up on the gossip

This is how Michel sees it:

"Doing crazy hours is so yesterday.”

“Being mentally and physically healthy is important in life. It ensures you can look after the most important people in your life. This also applies at work.

"Everyone at Bella Bodies works 20 to 32 hours a week. It’s a great life balance and allows the employees to do all the other things that matter in their life, whether its volunteering, sailing or spending quality time with children. Everyone is expected to work efficiently but not be overloaded."
Michel, Founder of Bella Bodies

Bella Bodies Competition

So gorgeous women, get thinking about what YOU really need! Time to relax, have fun, and make the most of life. What would you love to do for yourself with an extra day and with who - tell us and win $100 of undies!

Visit Instagram or Facebook and enter now!

Good luck beauties!!! 💙


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