Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday Super Sale I Bella Bodies Australia

In 2020 Black Friday is all about shopping Local!

It's been a crazy year and whether you were a seasoned online shopper or have just started to dabble we've got some great tips to help you make the most of the Black Friday sales at the end of November. Ordering online is just a simple click away so what should you be looking for from your online retailers this Black Friday?

TIP # 1 - Buy from retailers with their warehouse and stock based in Australia!  

Even local shipping is being delayed by the massive increase in online shopping during 2020 so you don't want to add any further delays by buying overseas.  

TIP # 2 - Make sure you can contact the retailer easily.

Sometimes it's difficult to get in touch with online retailers. Emails go unanswered, phone calls are disconnected. Before you place that order make sure you can easily contact the retailer by email and preferably by phone. There's nothing worse than not being able to contact a retailer if you need help.

TIP # 3 - Make sure the products you want are currently in stock!

Purchasing an item that is on backorder or has a ship date a week or two after you've purchased it often means the online retailer doesn't physically have the stock or any control over when your product will actually be shipped. 

TIP # 4 - Support companies that support you.

If shipping costs are too expensive then there are plenty of other online shops out there.  Postage costs are expensive but the retailer should not be trying to make money from postage.  Look for shopping thresholds that will give you free shipping, that way if you need to return something you are only paying shipping one way.

TIP # 5 - Does the company give back to the community?

It's important that business' support the community. Have a look into what social activities your online retailer is involved in. Choose to spend your Black Friday budget with a company that gives back.

TIP # 6 - Will you shop Fast Fashion or Just in Time Fashion?

It's well known that fast fashion can have a devastating effect not only on the environment but on society. At Bella Bodies we produce only as much as needed to reduce the risk of overstock and wastage. Our 'Just in Time' production philosophy does mean that occasionally we run out of stock, especially when we underestimate how popular a product is going to be! But this allows us to be responsive to customer feedback and fashion trends as well as ensuring we remain responsible and thoughtful throughout our manufacturing process.

So, remember this Black Friday to shop...

Local | Trusted | Ethical and Community focused!

We're looking forward to bringing you some fantastic specials over the Black Friday weekend (November 27th to 30th).  With our warehouse in Sydney and our customer service staff always happy to chat about styles and sizing we hope you will come and visit Bella Bodies this Black Friday week!

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