New Colours, New Styles and New Fabrics this Spring!

Bella Bodies New Arrivals for Spring is finally here and offer new colours, new styles and most excitedly new fabrics!

We are always searching for innovative and sustainable fabrics to bring to our Bella Bodies range and this spring we found some incredible fabrics that take comfort and performance to a whole new level. For us, comfort was our number one priority for this summer so we needed to search for fabrics that would be breathable, light in weight and feel great against your skin.

We found two fabrics that do just that – Modal TENCEL and Nilit Breeze.


Bella Bodies Pure Comfort Tank I White I Medium

Modal is designed for long-lasting natural comfort. This Eco Soft technology and Micro technology, TENCEL cellulosic fibers are derived from renewable wood sources and define a new standard of sustainability, which our Bella Eco and Bamboo range encompasses already.

As we endeavour to become more eco-conscious and sustainable, we have taken our efforts to the next level with our new Pure Comfort Tanks made with Modal. It is incredibly eco-friendly, soft, breathable and cool against the skin creating the perfect go-to summer layering piece for this season. A wider strap and round neck line makes it perfect under a cardigan or kaftan. If you thought Bamboo was incredibly soft, breathable fabric wait until you try Modal!

Shop our new Pure Comfort Tanks HERE

Bella Bodies Coolfit Anti-chaffing Shorts


Introducing Bella Bodies Coolfit Anti-Chaffing Shorts featuring temperature regulating technology that helps keep you cool and comfy during the warmer months. The perfect light and breathable solution to prevent summer chaff and irritation. They are perfect to wear under everything from jeans to skirts and dresses.

Our Coolfit Shorts are made from Nilit Breeze fabric and is woven to create a cooling effect on the body. The use of a special polymer and cross stitching creates an ultra-soft garment and provides superior ventilation and breathability with ultimate UV Protection. The fabric is cool to the touch and provides at least 1-degree temperature relief when in contact with the skin area. It can do this by capturing and releasing heat from the body.

Shop our new Coolfit Anti-chaffing Shorts HERE

Much Love,

Bella Bodies Team

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