Know Your Shape and Enhance Your Look

September 07, 2017

Know Your Shape and Enhance Your Look

Some handy hints on how to find your bodyshape type and how to enhance your look by choosing the right clothes for your shape.

The “Apple”- bigger on top with slimmer legs. 

Apple ShapeYou lovely apples generally have slimmer legs/hips and tend to hold weight on tummy and bust.  To create a curvier look there are a few little tips you can try to optically create more curves and show off those legs

  1. Wearing V necks always take the eye to the centre. Whether it’s a V neck kaftan, or loose fitted shirt the V will create a slimmer bust look and you can hang some longer pendants with it to double the effect. (avoid chokers unless they are attached to a longer line pendant as these will add bulk to your neck area.
  2. Waterfall jackets (summer or winter) will slim down the side of your midsection also forcing the eye into the centre. Only wear wider belts when you have a crop or waterfall jacket otherwise stick to a skinny belt.
  3. Go for dropped waisted tops and dresses. Being that your hips are generally slimmer this will hide your fuller waist and draw the line down to the hip/leg area.  Wide legs pants are really in for 2017/2018 and you can wear them as long as you have dropped waisted tops or tie your longer tops at the side to show your legs so it creates length. Steer clear of any tops like baby doll types
  4. All of our shapewear is designed for all shapes but we suggest our beautiful Bodysuit or Runway Slip to really create the best curvy shape possible.

The “Pear” – Tend to hold weight in the bottom and thighs and smaller in the bust

Pear shapeAh the Pears.  You guys are really lucky.  You already have the beautiful shape that the rectangles and apples would kill for as your waist hip ratio is gorgeously curvy.  What you probably are wanting to do is firm the hips/legs/bottom to offset that lovely waist.  As you mature the waist may be thickening so you would be looking at our Sculpting Shorts to firm the tummy, take the waist in and sculpt the bottom and legs.  Our shapewear is designed for all shapes although for our lovely pears the very soft comfy Firming Shorts would be perfect to prevent chafing in summer along with the Ruby Runway lace slip to smooth those thighs.    A few hints to maximise your curve, and cover those bits you may not like.

  1. Longline jackets worn open not only cover your bottom but make your legs look slimmer as the jacket gently covers the sides of your thighs. In summer you can pull a kaftan in at the waist to accentuate your curvy figure with a belt of any width.
  2. To create the illusion of a larger bust you can wear tops with lace and frills to add extra bulk also halter neck or trapeze tops/dresses will show off your slim shoulders while giving the illusion of a larger bust. Cap sleeves will also create more width in the shoulder/bust area. Your shape is best suited to round, boat or scoop neck lines. This helps creates more bulk to balance out you hips and legs
  3. Always wear a slim fit to the waist or a belt to show off that beautiful curvy waist of yours.
  4. High waist jeans and pencil skirts are undeniably a pear shapes best friend.  They were made to show off your shape.

The “Hourglass” – Typically has wide hips and an equally wide bust with a defined waist

Hourglass shapeLet’s face it girls, you have the ultimate figure all us other shapes are trying to optically look like.  As you have matured you may have become a little softer and thicker around the waist but you definitively have a figure that’s very easy to work with.  You tend to have similar problems at times like the pears so we recommend our Sculpting Shorts to firm the belly/hips whilst maximising that lovely waist shape.  Our gorgeous Ruby Runway Slip with lace is the one for those special occasions and, for everyday under summer tunics, our super soft Firming Shorts.   A few small tips that might assist when dressing for maximum awesomeness

  1. V neck tops and dresses will slim the look along with a lovely long line pendant to draw attention to your figure. Creating curve is easy with your figure so don’t hide too much under too many floaty tops unless they accentuate your bust.
  2. Wrap dresses and A- line skirts were made for you. Anything that has a waist in it will suit you.
  3. Avoid dropped waists and shift dresses unless you are trying to hide your great silhouette

TheRectangle” – Straight up and down with no defined waist.

Rectangle shapeHello you beautiful Rectangles.  Most woman always comment that they wish they had your figure.  You have generally long great legs and a more athletic figure than all the other shapes. In your maturing years you may get softer and thicker on the waist, become more bustier but you have great shoulders and definitely rock a strapless dress.

Our aim here is to create more curve in the waist so our Ruby Collection of bodysuits, Runway Slips and Shaping Briefs will be your best friend.  Other tips you might like are

  1. Dropped waist styles are fab on your figure and will go with any pant or skirt you want to wear
  2. Pencil skirts or slim fitting jeans will show off your legs and combined with a wrap tie top will optically take that waist it. Either button up a jacket in the middle over a long line tee shirt and your are done!
  3. V neck tops with long line pendant s will slim the shoulders and bring the eye to the middle.
  4. Floaty tops that come just above the legs will highlight the length and slimness of your legs but ensure the top fits close the bust to create more shape above the waist.

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