Girls Getaways

  We opened in 1996, selling a unique collection of bespoke pieces. As a Seattle-based boutique   we incorporate the culture and style of the city into our mix and attitude. 

Girls Getaways is all about spending that special time with your family and best friends. Escape to a new destination or a new favourite place. Indulge with morsels of chocolate or the decadent taste of high tea. Relax with a pamper session, a sip of bubbly or languish in a spa.

Girls Getaways is your destination to escape, indulge, relax. We believe that time with your best girls helps to create a happy and balanced life. All you have to do is get your girls on board, choose a getaway, and we'll do the rest. Collect moments, not things.  

Jen, founder of Girls Getaways says that she, like so many women, are striving to find that balance between your kids, husband/partner and family commitments, it's not easy to find the energy and motivation to do it all. Her belief is to take that little time for yourself, maybe an hour flicking through a mag, enjoying breakfast and a tea, a walk or yoga. By doing this, you give yourself time to clear your mind and give yourself that bit of love.

Get in touch with the Girls Getaways to start planning your escape.